Bennett won’t sing national anthem

New England coach Wayne Bennett says he won’t sing the national anthem before games and isn’t worried about criticism of his appointment.

Bennett addressed media at a press conference yesterday and wasn’t concerned about those attacking his hiring, such as Keiron Cunningham and Daryl Powell.

“There’s nothing (that’s happened) in my life that everybody agreed with,” he said.

“If I listened to them I wouldn’t be here today. It’s not going to worry me. (Keiron Cunningham is) entitled to his opinion, my job is to change that opinion.

“…Everyone is talking about the next level (England) can go to and that’s why I’m here.

“People will have their whinge and point of view for whatever reason. Sometimes the reason doesn’t match the logic – there’s two previous Australians that have coached here.

“It’s not groundbreaking stuff.”

Bennett said he won’t be singing God Save the Queen before matches once he takes charge.

“You won’t see that happen, I’m an Australian,” he said.

“That’s Eddie’s prerogative. It won’t be mine.”

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