Bennett: The future of the World Club Series is bright


Wayne Bennett says he is not regretting his decision to bring his Brisbane side to England for the World club Series despite his team’s defeat to Warrington last night.

There have been questions raised about how long the World Club Series will continue after the number of teams fell from six to four this year. But Broncos boss Bennett is a big fan.

Warrington secured a deserved 27-18 victory over Brisbane

“It’s great for us as a team and we played a quality game of football,” Bennett said.

“We wouldn’t have got that in Australia in a trial match so we’re going to go into round one better prepared and it’s exposed what we have to work on.

“Trial fixtures won’t give you that and that’s why I wanted to come here.

“Warrington were fantastic, they deserved it.

“Kevin Brown played really well and kicked well, which I was pleased to see.”

Brisbane were behind 20-0 early. Bennett admitted alarm bells started to ring when he saw his team trailing Warrington by a sizeable margin.

“At 24-0 I didn’t know where it was going,” he said.

“They were well disciplined and put a lot of pressure on us.

“We fell apart a little bit there and it took us a while to get back.”