Belgium and Holland join forces

Rugby league players in Belgium and Holland will now play in a four-team cross-border competition, after an agreement was reached earlier this week.

The Belgian Rugby League Association (BRLA) and the Nederlandse Rugby League Bond (NRLB) met in Brussels to confirm arrangements for the competition, which will take place in spring 2015.

Amsterdam Cobras RLFC, Rotterdam Pitbulls RLFC, Den Haag Knights and North Brussels Gorillas will play a round of games in each of their cities before a finals day in Brussels.

“It is amazing that such a project has taken shape. It helps put down very strong roots in the region,” said Jason Bruygoms, the NRLB’s Director of Development.

NRLB match officials manager Misaele Vakadranu will lead on match appointments, and all matches will be refereed by local officials.

“I am amazed by the growth of the game and by this initiative. The potential is there and it’s a new story in Dutch and Belgian rugby league history,” Gorillas president Marco Morasci added.

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