Barrow director appointed as RFL vice president

Barrow Raiders director Peter Hornby has been appointed as vice president of the RFL.

The former Raiders chairman is very proud to have been appointed to the role, and hopes to use it to help boost the profile of the club and his town.

“I am very proud,” he said, according to the North West Evening Mail.

“Not only that, I think it is a good recognition for Barrow Rugby League and the area.

“To be fair, we are out on a limb, we are at a geographical disadvantage and this just brings us closer into the rugby league.

“It comes to you for your loyalty and the length of time you have been on the rugby league council. It is for services rendered.

“It just means that Barrow will get a bit of publicity and distinction and the area as a whole.”

Huddersfield Giants director Dr Paul Morgan was elected as RFL President.

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