Angry Frayssinous wants more protection for Escare

Catalans Dragons coach Laurent Frayssinous belives that Super League referees need to work to give his full-back Morgan Escare more protection.

Frayssinous believes that Escare is being targeted by teams, who are using underhand methods to try and unsettle the youngster, with matters reaching a head during Saturday’s win over Castleford.

“I am angry and frustrated. I’m really worried and concerned about the way Morgan Escare is being treated,” he said.

“The opposition started to target him at the end of last season and it is happening this year.

“On Saturday he got a swinging arm to his face and also knees to his face while he was on the ground.

“I’m also pretty concerned over the number of high tackles against Scott Dureau and I just wonder what will happen when Todd Carney takes to the field. I need to take care of my players.”

Frayssinous was also furious that no charges were levelled against Cas winger Justin Carney after his high tackle on Escare.

The French coach felt that the incident was at least as bad as the high tackle which saw Widnes winger Patrick Ah Van sent off the week before in a game against Wigan.

“The referee only gave a penalty,” he said.

“There is no consistency. I have spoken to the boss of the review panel. My biggest concern is how to protect my players.”

Frayssinous did acknowledge that Olivier Elima and Eloi Pelissier, who are both facing disciplinary charges this week, were wrong to try to take action on their team’s behalf.

“Two of my boys lost control and I am really angry with them,” the coach added.

“What happened in the 80 minutes is tough to take but I don’t want my players to take matters into their own hands.”

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