An update from Leigh


Leigh Chief Executive Trevor Barton is optimistic regarding the club being able to announce positive news soon.

He admitted that things are taking a lot of time to come together and not being able to announce anything was “frustrating”.

“Currently it is a question of all parties accepting what has been offered to them.” He explained, “These things do take time. We are not just talking players here, but staff, creditors and the Inland Revenue. All have to be in agreement and happy with what is being offered.”

“I understand fans getting frustrated about X signing for Y but we’ll announce what is happening when it has all been signed off, and then explain what we’ve done. Our creditors have been very understanding and we just need fans to understand and be patient.”

“We are mindful and would hate to announce things prematurely; and then something not happen. Rest assured there is no other story regarding Leigh Centurions and we are very grateful and appreciative of everything our own fans and the rugby league community are doing to help.”

“It is just a fortnight since an ebay store and paypal accounts were set up and we have already passed £1000, while many more people have offered donations and a Sponsored Tandem Ride last weekend has already raised £850.”

“We are thankful for everyone’s help and assistance.”

No deadline has been given for responses to the payment offers but Mr Barton felt that things could move pretty quickly thereafter.

The LeighSurvival twitter and facebook campaigns will also be in attendance at the England and Wales international on the 29th October at Leigh Sports Village.