Wildcats to become Trinity once again

Wakefield chairman Michael Carter has revealed that the club intends to drop the Wildcats moniker, and revert to being simply Wakefield Trinity again.

Carter feels that the name change will allow the club to better capitalise on its heritage and history.

“We have got a fantastic heritage within this club and I don’t think we have made the most of it,” he told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“So for me, it is Wakefield Trinity. I have always referred to it as Wakefield Trinity and I think the older generation of our fanbase love the fact it’s Wakefield Trinity. Go anywhere in the world and it’s either ‘where’s that’? Or, ‘oh yes, Wakefield Trinity’.

“It’s a bit of a gut feeling. I get fans saying to me ‘we need to drop the Wildcats’.

“I think that’s generally the reaction we’ve had when we’ve been talking to people.

“I just think if you are talking about Wakefield as a rugby league club it will be forever known as Wakefield Trinity and we need to get back to that.

“The plan is we will have a Wildcats junior section, so there’s still something for the kids.

“They love [mascot] Daddy Cool and we definitely won’t be losing him!

“He is a fantastic character and we will probably still have a Wildcats brand and image for the younger kids, but for the grown-ups among us, it will be back to Wakefield Trinity.”

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