Wildcats seek to reassure fans

Wakefield Wildcats have tonight released a statement to clarify their position after it emerged that a winding up petition was served against the club by HMRC.


The statement is as follows:

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats wish to issue the following statement in relation to the report of a winding up petition being issued to Spirit of 1873 Ltd, the company that owns the club.

The Wildcats would like to reassure all those connected with the club that the outstanding sum of money that the petition is in relation to has already been dealt with.

Due to the clubs recent financial history it is subject to monthly visits from HMRC and furthermore, no leeway is granted in regards to any payments owed as it may be to other such companies.

An oversight on the part of the club in relation to the amount of one such payment led to the issuing of the winding up petition.  However, once the club was made aware of this it was immediately rectified.

Unfortunately, once a winding up petition is issued there is no way of preventing it from going to press and as such it came into the public domain today.

Again, the club would like to reassure everyone associated with the Wildcats that the club is continuing to work tirelessly to ensure that the progress both on and off the pitch since the takeover by Spirit of 1873 Ltd. is maintained.

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