Wigan fine Sam Tomkins and Joel Tomkins over social media video

Photo courtesy of Richard Long

Wigan have released a statement on a recent video that went viral of Sam Tomkins and Joel Tomkins.

Following the video going viral after Wigan’s 23-0 Challenge Cup quarter-final, Joel Tomkins has been stepped down immediately from team selection for weeks.

During this period further investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident will take place, as will discussions regarding Joel’s long-term future at the club. He has been fined £10,000.

Sam Tomkins has been fined £5,000.

Warriors executive director Kris Radlinski said: “I was pretty disgusted at the video that I saw on Saturday evening.

“Our players know and fully understand the role that they have to play within the community and to see two of our high profile, senior players behave in such a way, disappointed me greatly.

“They aren’t just role models for the young kids in the town, they’re role models for the younger players in the squad. It is impossible to put a strong culture in place if players you trust to drive those standards act in such a way.

“All players are allowed periods of downtime but know that they must act responsibly and in a manner fitting of a professional sportsman.

“Having spoken to both Joel and Sam this morning they both expressed shame and regret about their behaviour and the effects it has had on all of the individuals concerned. Both of them are fully aware that they have disrespected the Club and the town – and let themselves and their families down.”

The club will be making no further comment upon the matter until the full investigation has been completed.

To watch the video, click here.


  1. What a prize prick Joel is wigan should sack him he seems to think he’s a superstar just talking piss’ed shit and sam really wont give a shit as he’s leaving wigan again then he will retire i bet, And this is from a wigan fan !

  2. It took five weeks for this story to break-why? Did Wigan want it keeping quiet so these scumbags could play in the semi’s first.If so they came unstuck.As for the cowardly actions of Joel,he should be sacked instantly for bringing the good name of rugby league into disrepute,and the other scumbag should be exiled to France never to return to these shores.Shame on you both.

  3. May I suggest that the fine handed out to the scum brothers is given to the bar staff who had to withstand that tirade of verbal filth uttered by these two.Nobody should have put up with that kind of abuse,especially from two so called “professional” sportsmen.

  4. How come nobody recorded Joel apologising when he sobered up? And as for his future Wigan say people deserve a second chance. Zac ( 1 common assault, 2 homophobic comments (1proven) and 2 illegal drug usage. Makes you think

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