Wane slams Thaler

Wigan coach Shaun Wane was angry with video referee Ben Thaler for not awarding his team a late try when Joe Burgess crossed the line against St Helens on Friday night.

Saints won the game 16-12, wtih both coaches unhappy about the officiating.

Wane maintains that he knew his team would never be awarded th Burgess ‘try’ because Thaler was the man making the decision.

“It was absolutely a try, the tackle’s not complete,” he insisted.

“I’ve seen them given. But I knew when Ben Thaler was the video referee that we were never going to get it given.

“We’ll regroup and train hard for London, and hopefully they’ll feel the wrath.”

Wane also hinted that he felt some of the decisions made by the on-field referee, Phil Bentham, could also have been better.

“I thought the referee could have made some other decisions,” he said.

“We could have won the game. I’m not too downhearted. I loved the effort.

“I thought we were a little bit dumb with the ball, we could have been better.”



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