Wane: Saints wanted it more

Wigan Warriors coach Shaun Wane slammed his side’s error-strewn display and thought St Helens were better in every department.

Saints ran out 4-23 winners last night.

“We didn’t deserve it. They were the best team St Helens. We got what we deserved,” Wane told Sky Sports.

“When you complete and make errors like we did today. It was way below my standards and the players will be gutted.

“We have had some tough times this year and we have ground out a few wins, some real tough ones and that took some juice out of us.

“They’ve hit some form of late like Leeds did last week and we have caught two teams who are really playing hot at the moment but they were the better team.

“They were very smart on the floor. Phil allowed them to do it but they just outplayed us. They showed a bit more desire.

“They didn’t give up but nobody has seen anywhere near the best of us today and that’s really gutted me.”

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