Wakefield to monitor ticket sales

Wakefield will continue to make checks on people claiming concession tickets for this weekend’s game against Hull KR, as they look to fight against lost revenue.

It was confirmed earlier in the year that a special team will be introduced to Belle Vue to check tickets, to ensure that only people entitled to claim the concessionary priced tickets can purchase them.

James Elston, the Wildcats Chief Executive, said: “People who are entitled to cessionary rates for Super League games are very welcome at Belle Vue Stadium for any game.

“But we have become aware this year that some people are not fully aware of the conditions attached to claiming concessionary priced tickets.

“Junior fans, in our case, qualify for concessionary tickets while they are at High School so we would expect people paying for junior tickets to have some kind of proof that they are still at school.

“We also offer concessionary rates to Students and Senior Citizens. We would expect students to produce their student cards and Senior Citizens should be able to produce something similar, like an English National Bus Pass.

“Like any other responsible business we are trying to protect our revenues and at the same time ensuring that as many customers as possible have the best possible, value-for-money experience at Belle Vue.”

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