Wakefield relaxed ahead of St Helens trip


Wakefield assistant coach Lee Gilmour is feeling relaxed ahead of his team’s Friday night trip to face St Helens, with the pressure off for this season.

Trinity ended up making the top eight with some degree of comfort, and Gilmour feels that the club is in a good position to improve again next season.

“There’s absolutely no pressure on us,” he told reporters.

“Whether we get this win or not at the weekend, it’s not going to change our mindset for next year, or dent our confidence in any way, shape or form.

“We know how we’ve played, the last couple of weeks in particular.

“We know we’ve got some very good players that are not fit at the minute, and we’ll have some new, exciting players ready to join us next year.

“We’re not too concerned about this being some big, important game, though, obviously, we are going to go there and give everything we’ve got.

“It’s 80 minutes left of a what’s been a long, tough season for these players.

“You talk about Jacob Miller and Liam Finn. They both play every single game. Obviously Miller’s had an operation since then.

“But for two halfbacks to play every single minute of every game for 30 odd games is some going.

“So a lot of credit to those two in particular, but to the rest of the lads as well.”

Gimour feels that Trinity have improved significantly this season under Chris Chester’s coaching, and believes that they can go up another level in 2017.

“I think we’ve come a long way,” he said.

“I think the squad is more competitive and we’ve got a better calibre of player in there.

“We’ll be looking to improve that again next year, as we’ll need to.

“No teams are standing still. Every team is getting better on a yearly basis, and we need to improve next year to compete and be where we have been this year, and hopefully improve on that as well.”