Wakefield open-minded on RFL changes

Wakefield chairman Michael Carter says they remain open-minded about the RFL’s re-structuring plans.

The plans were thrown up in the air this week when a revolt let by Wigan owner Ian Lenagan forced the postponement of the EGM due on Wednesday, where it was expected the RFL’s preferred option would be rubber stamped.

It has led to speculation over the position of several clubs, with a “majority” of those in the top flight backing Lenagan following a hastily arranged meeting on Monday.

Carter told the club’s official website: “We didn’t side with anyone. I still have an open mind on the options for next season. I believe that it should all have been discussed at the EGM as planned and if clubs didn’t feel they could vote on it, then it should have just been postponed until the next meeting. 

“From a purely selfish point of view, then yes, staying at 14 clubs would obviously benefit us next season. However, would that benefit the game as a whole?

“There is a lot of misinformation flying around at the moment, with a lot of people talking a good game, whilst secretly having different agendas. You also have to take the TV package into the equation. 

“Like it or not, Sky are the current paymasters of the game, and if the product on the field doesn’t hold enough excitement for them, they will take their money elsewhere. These are my own personal thoughts at this time. Like I said, I have an open mind on the issue at present, and will await further developments.

“What I hope it doesn’t do is detract from the upcoming Rugby League World Cup. We should all be focussing on watching the best players on the planet playing on our shores, not arguing in public.”

Previously, it was announced that Super League would be reducing to 12 teams for 2015, meaning two clubs would be relegated at the end of next season.

However, that could all change, with talks continuing privately.

Nothing official is expected to be publicised until after the World Cup, which starts a fortnight tomorrow, ends on November 30.

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