Wakefield consider ground-share

Wakefield are considering a ground-share for 2017 as the sale of Belle Vue has stalled.

Trinity are believed to be after a ground-share with Dewsbury as delays have hit the purchase and redevelopment of Belle Vue.

Wakefield chairman Michael Carter wrote in yesterday’s club programme: “Unfortunately the issues surrounding Belle Vue continue to remain unsolved.

“I was told the issues surrounding Belle Vue should have all been done and dusted by Easter and here we are three months later and yet again nothing has happened.

“Not for the want of trying I might add. It is my firm belief that there is at least one party involved in the negotiations about the ground that is actively conspiring against the club and the Stadium Trust to their financial benefit.

“With this in mind, I have again instigated talks with another club about a ground share next season.

“As things stand, it’s [Belle Vue] a depressing place to work and play in.

“It is a scandal that it is now four years since Newmarket was approved and yet the people of Wakefield have not seen one single benefit from this.

“The club has a fantastic opportunity right now to really push on and be a proud member of Super League but to do that it needs a modern facility that can be used all week long.

“The time for talk has ended and the need for action is apparent. I don’t want to ground-share with another club but we can no longer continue with Belle Vue as it is.”

Dewsbury play in the Tetley’s Stadium and it has a capacity of 5,100.

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