Tyrone Roberts admits he struggled to adapt in England

Tyrone Roberts is back in the NRL with a point to prove after struggling to come to terms with life in England.

The 27-year-old has returned to Gold Coast Titans this off-season after a year in Super League with Warrington Wolves.

Roberts struggled to come to terms with life in Super League, which he has openly admitted.

Reflecting on his time in England, Roberts said: “The football side of it was great, but just off the field [we struggled].

“Sometimes you would leave in the dark and come home in the dark, so it wasn’t great for the kids.

“It was too cold for them to go outside, so they were stuck inside for most of the time and we didn’t get too many opportunities to go travelling as we played every week.

“I wanted to experience it, that’s why I signed for three years over there. I told them early that I wasn’t comfortable off the field and they respected that decision.

“The kids weren’t coping well, and I wasn’t coping all that well being too far away from home. It was a great experience over there, but family comes first, and they are more comfortable over here and you can’t put a price on happiness.”

Roberts is set to play for the Indigenous side against the Maori outfit in the All Stars clash in Melbourne on Friday.

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