Twitter Talk: Toronto visa problems to hit Super League clubs

The integrity of the game has been brought in to question again this week with the visa implications hitting trips to Toronto in The Qualifiers.

According to reports, Super League clubs have been informed that some players may not be granted visas for their trip to Canada, potentially weakening them for a decisive tie to decide their top flight future.

For Championship and League One fans, this is nothing new. Several clubs have been hit hard by this over the past two seasons, and there have been instances where threadbare squads of just 14 players have taken to the field away at the Wolfpack.

It’s caused much debate on Twitter, as seen below.

Toronto themselves cannot be blamed for this. However, it does raise questions of the integrity of the competition. Toronto’s Championship rivals, for instance, may end up playing a Super League side that is much stronger than the one faced by the Wolfpack as a result.

That being said, given the dual-registration rules currently, that happens week in week out to other teams already.

And visa restrictions being tighter in Canada prevent Toronto from signing players that would be able to sign for UK (or even French) clubs.

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