Twitter Talk: Fans react to clubs having to pay to compete in the 2019 Challenge Cup

Social media has gone wild since the news broke that Challenge Cup holders Catalans would have to pay to compete in the competition this year.

Catalans owner Bernard Guasch has asked the RFL for clarification on their entry to the Challenge Cup, saying he will refuse to pay the bond requested.

There was controversy ahead of the recent first round draw when it was revealed that Toronto and Toulouse would not be entering the 2019 competition having refused to pay a speculated £700,000 bond.

The bond was requested as insurance against reduced ticket sales should either side reach the final, with last season’s final involving Catalans attracting just over 50,000 at Wembley.

The assumption was that the current holders, Catalans, would be entering despite the requests, however comments in the French press appear to suggest otherwise.

Should clubs have to pay to compete in the Challenge Cup?

Here are how fans reacted to the question on Twitter:

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