Toulouse deny they are a dirty team

Toulouse have hit back at claims by Rochdale and denied they are a dirty team.

Toulouse drew with the Hornets in a spiteful encounter on Sunday. The club’s centre Bastien Ader was charged with biting Rochdale counterpart Lewis Galbraith following the game.

Toulouse deny the allegation in a statement on their website and claim that Galbraith set out to injure Ader.

“We would like to come back on the post match comments made by Rochdale Hornets CEO and Head Coach,” it reads.

“Just after our game last Sunday (24/04), both of them publicly criticized the behavior of our team and qualified it of dirty (biting, eye gouging,…).

“All this is based on one incident, when Lewis GALBRAITH wanted to rip off the head (or break the neck) of Bastien Ader, with his forearm in the mouth of our player.

“Everyone can make its own opinion about which team played « dirty », by viewing the video of the game, which is available in streaming on our website.

“Since Sylvain HOULES, our Head Coach, took his position in December 2013, it is the first time there has been any complaints of such type and they are totally unfounded. We are shocked and still do not understand the purpose of such comments. We are definitely NOT a dirty team.

“Besides, we would like to remind that we applied to enter in the English competitions because we thoroughly believe it is the only way to improve our level, to develop home grown talents and more generally French Rugby League.

“We are thankful to the RFL and the British Clubs for welcoming us in League One and we are putting a lot of efforts to bring something to the comp.

“To achieve our goals, the Club, which is paying for all our team’s travels in all competitions and even for the away teams coming to France in the Challenge Cup, is investing a lot of money and wants to make it a real success.

“We strongly believe in Rugby League values, such as fairplay and exchange, and we are sure our British friends do as well. Our first 6 games this season were played in a great atmosphere and spirit, with directors, coaches, players and fans, and we will do our maximum to ensure it will be the same if Rochdale comes to Toulouse during the Summer.”

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