Tomkins: I get hammered on Twitter

Wigan fullback Sam Tomkins says the abuse he regularly gets on Twitter is “killing him”.

Speaking to Sport magazine, Tomkins opened up on his social media interaction and his fight to return to full fitness.

“I get hammered on Twitter,” he said.

“For some reason Leeds and Hull fans don’t seem to like me, so I get plenty of abuse. I don’t like blocking them because I feel like they’ve won then.

“I just read them but don’t respond as if I’ve not even seen it, but really it’s killing me.”

Tomkins spent nine months out with injury and has only made his return to the field with Wigan in the past few weeks.

“The injury I’m coming back from now has been the biggest challenge of my career,” he admitted.

“I’d been lucky in the past – never had anything close to a serious injury. Luckily I’m at the end of it.

“But when it has only been two months since the operation and you’re feeling weak and wondering if you’re going to get it back, it’s mentally very tough.”

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