“To have Toulouse in Super League would represent a major interest for rugby league”

Mark Kheirallah in action for Toulouse

Toulouse being in Super League would represent a major interest for rugby league in France, according to French Rugby League Federation chairman Marc Palanques.

The Championship club have launched a bid to take the vacant 12th spot in Super League from next season following Toronto Wolfpack’s failed bid to be re-admitted in to the top flight.

FRLF chairman Palanques is backing Toulouse in their quest for Super League, and believes it would help France on the international stage.

He said: “I support Toulouse and its chairman (Bernard Sarrazain) in their Super League bid.

“As Bernard Sarrazain said, France national team needs to have players who are used to playing at the highest level.

“Bernard Sarrazain has always been very supportive of the French national team and has always players picked by our manager Aurélien Cologni.

“To have Toulouse in Super League, representing one of the most important cities of our country would represent a major interest for rugby league.

“For the development of talents, it is also important that Toulouse continue to field a strong reserve team in the French Elite Championship. I wish all the best to Toulouse and its chairman Bernard Sarrazain.”

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  1. Based on what Mr Elstone has said , the parochial SL clubs won’t want Toulouse nor are they happy I would suggest with Catalans.
    To them the future is Wakefield v Huddersfield on a Thursday night in front of a few thousand and a minimal tv audience. On the global sporting stage it won’t even register.
    Ah well.

    • Totally agree.
      We do need to invest in more Northern Europe playing and coaching staff to get other European countries to look at a structure and new ideas for future generations.
      They touted the Toronto bid to promote RFL in the Northern Hemisphere with SBW leading the way, and as soon as there was a little bump in the road they chucked them like a hot potato.
      Super League and the Championship back in the past was the only reason I had a Sky Sports package and with the fiasco of this year (no clear leadership), along with their political agenda (promoting Marxist groups), continuance of lack of respect for people at the turnstiles (years gone by, Thursday night games etc?). How Rugby League is treated by Sky Sports, along with presenters and co-hosts with charisma deficiency. I have finally caved in and unsubscribing from the Lame stream media world of RFL in the UK, except from the likes of this site.
      I have no faith or belief in the RFL and Super League boards at all and they are only in position for their own gains (with their inactions to promote the game) and not for the sport. RFL have one of the best team sports in the world with some innovations created (video ref usage) that all the other sports take credit for and the RFL and Super League boards just sit there to get patted by their masters.

  2. Rugby League will yet again miss the opportunity and have an established rugby playing city in the South of France. There’s a market for it, there’s clubs and fans already interested. I can’t believe it’s not been looked at before. I mean for potential investors seeing Wigan v Toulouse, Leeds v Toulouse, Warrington v Toulouse and Saints v Toulouse massive names in Rugby. And then there will be Catalans v Toulouse which will create its own interest in France. People moan in Rugby League is dying well think big and it will come. What potential investor wants to see no disrespect to Salford v Featherstone but two North towns in England instead of Salford v Toulouse. Its all about money now. Look at union. How many companies etc book out hospitality when Sale v Toulon or Sale v Racing in the European Cup. Makes sense to me.

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