Thaiday defends Blair over tackle

Sam Thaiday has defended Brisbane Broncos teammate Adam Blair over the chicken wing tackle in the game between Australia and New Zealand.

Blair is renowned in the NRL for being an aggressive forward who likes to dominate opponents, and that spilled over in the Anzac Test in which Mal Meninga’s side were 16-0 victors. 

The 30 year-old was involved in an incident with Broncos teammate Sam Thaiday involving a chicken wing tackle, but Thaiday insists that is all now in the past.

“Last time I heard this much about chicken wings, KFC were releasing the wicked wings,” Thaiday told the Sydney Morning Herald. 

“We’re playing for our countries, playing a hard game…there was no need for any apology. I’m here today, training, it’s all good.”

Since the incident, many people, including Gordon Tallis, have claimed that somebody needs to intervene to stop these aggresive players crossing the line but Thaiday is insistent that Blair’s aggressive style makes him the player he is.

“You don’t want to take that out his game,” he said.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinions. That’s why certain people get big bucks.”

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