Who are the most successful team at Magic Weekend?

Nine teams are ever-presents at Magic Weekend, and it’s perhaps not surprising that Wigan boast the best record.

That number will be reduced to eight this year, owing to the absence of Hull KR, who themselves have a very good record at the annual event, winning six of their 10 games before relegation to the Championship at the end of last season.

Wigan have won seven and drawn one of their 10 games so far, and at worst will still have the joint best record at Magic – if they lose against Warrington and Huddersfield win.

The Giants, who play Catalans, have won six and drawn one of their 10 games. Leeds and Warrington have won six of 10, while Catalans and St Helens have both won four, drawn one.

Hull have won four while Wakefield have the worst record of the ever-presents, winning three. Castleford, who have missed just one Magic Weekend event, have won six of nine.

Every team that has played at Magic Weekend has won a game.

There have only been three draws in the 71 games at Magic Weekend to date, two of which involved Bradford, who won just one of their eight games at the event.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Wigan’s record is the teams it has come against – St Helens (5), Leeds (4) and Huddersfield.

Previous Magic Weekend results:

Cardiff 2007
Catalan 28–32 Harlequins
Hull 10–14 Hull KR
St Helens 34–18 Wigan
Huddersfield 36–12 Wakefield
Salford 18–50 Warrington
Bradford 38–42 Leeds
Cardiff 2008
Huddersfield 34-36 Warrington
Castleford 16-54 Wakefield
Bradford 26-40 Leeds
Catalan 18-16 St Helens
Hull 17-22 Hull KR
St Helens 57-16 Wigan
Edinburgh 2009
Salford 16-24 Harlequins
Wakefield 16-32 Bradford
Wigan 38-18 St Helens
Huddersfield 40-16 Crusaders
Hull 24-16 Castleford
Catalan 16-32 Leeds
Warrington 28-36 Hull KR
Edinburgh 2010
Bradford 0-19 Crusaders
Hull 8-25 Harlequins
Salford 16-68 Warrington
Leeds 34-30 Wakefield
Castleford 34-18 Catalan
Wigan 28-10 Huddersfield
St Helens 54-0 Hull KR
Cardiff 2011
Huddersfield 28-18 Warrington
Catalan 4-11 Harlequins
Castleford 40-20 Wakefield
St Helens 16-16 Wigan
Crusaders 42-12 Salford
Bradford 28-32 Leeds
Hull 22-34 Hull KR
Manchester 2012
Castleford 26-32 Wakefield
Warrington 68-4 Widnes
Hull 30-32 Hull KR
Catalan 42-18 London
Huddersfield 34-38 Salford
Bradford 22-37 Leeds
St Helens 16-42 Wigan
Manchester 2013
Catalan 46-18 London
Castelford 48-24 Wakefield
Hull 22-16 Hull KR
St Helens 22-48 Warrington
Salford 28-22 Widnes
Bradford 6-42 Huddersfield
Leeds 16-20 Wigan
Manchester 2014
London 22-24 Catalan
Widnes 30-24 Salford
Hull KR 38-24 Hull
Wigan 18-14 Leeds
Wakefield 12-50 Castleford
Huddersfield 54-16 Bradford
Warrington 41-24 St Helens
Newcastle 2015
Salford 16-38 Widnes
Hull 46-20 Hull KR
Leeds 12-27 Wigan
Catalan 22-22 Huddersfield
St Helens 20-16 Warrington
Castleford 56-16 Wakefield
Newcastle 2016
Salford 18-12 Widnes
Warrington 14-34 Catsleford
Leeds 8-40 Wigan
Wakefield 25-24 Catalan
St Helens 20-48 Huddersfield
Hull 28-16 Hull KR

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