Stat Attack: Danny Houghton has made 25% more tackles than anybody else in Super League

This week we are going to look at round 10* and look at the overall stats for all 10 rounds.

(*Round 10 was played in February for 4 teams)

League Table

Round 10 saw a few changes in the league table. After St. Helens beat Warrington they move back to the top of the table, pushing Warrington back down to second. Castleford (3rd), Wakefield (4th), Hull FC (5th), Catalan (6th) and Salford (7th) all remain in their places. Huddersfield jump up two places to 8th, which pushes Hull KR and Wigan down to 9th and 10th. London and Leeds remain bottom of the table in 11th and 12th.

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Player Analysis


  • Jack Walker (Leeds) ran over 200 metres
  • Dean Hadley and Danny Houghton (Hull FC) made over 50 tackles each
  • George Williams (Wigan) made 27 carries
  • Niall Evalds (Salford) ran an average of 10 metres per carry


  • Justin Horo (Wakefield) missed 10 tackles
  • 6 players made 3 errors each
  • 5 players gave away 3 penalties each
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At the end of round 10


  • Thomas Makinson (St. Helens) and Konrad Hurrell (Leeds) have ran over 1300 metres each
  • Danny Houghton (Hull FC) has made 511 tackles, which is 128 above the next player Joey Lussick (Salford) with 383
  • Thomas Makinson (St. Helens) and Jackson Hastings (Salford) have made over 175 carries each


  • Jansin Turgut (Salford), Eddie Battye (London) and Declan Patton (Warrington) have missed over 40 tackles each
  • Blake Austin (Warrington) and George Williams (Wigan) have made 17 errors each
  • Eddie Battye (London) has given away the most penalties with 15!
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Penalty Analysis

Huddersfield gave away over 13 penalties, with St. Helens and Wakefield only giving away 6 each.

James Child gave away 32 penalties over two games, which gives him an average of 16, but Ben Thaler gave away 23 penalties in his game

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At the end of Round 10

Huddersfield, Hull KR and Warrington have given away over 80 penalties each.

Away teams also give away more penalties than home teams.

Chris Kendall, Ben Thaler and James Child have given away more than 140 penalties each, which Thaler and Child only refereeing 9 games compared to Kendall’s 10!

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