Smith determined to end Wire’s year on a high

Warrington coach Tony Smith has asserted that his team will not be taking anything lightly, even though their chances of ending the season with a trophy are dead.

Wire travel to West Yorkshire to face Huddersfield on Sunday afternoon, and Smith wants his team to focus ending the campaign on a high.

“We’re determined to finish the year as strongly as we can,” he said.

“We want to finish on as big a high as we can as well.

“We’re fighting for personal pride and team pride, we’ve got a responsibility to a whole lot of people, to each other.”

As for the Giants, Smith acknowledges that they now carry many more threats than Danny Brough‘s excellent kicking game.

“They’ve beaten us twice this year, before that I don’t think they’d beaten us in 10,” he said.

“So our record over the last number of years has been pretty good against the Giants.

“They’ve pipped us in the last couple of games, but some of that has been down to Danny Brough‘s kicking game.

“He kicked us to death in the last two outings. He’s a class act.

“It’s more than just that now, he’s got a few other players around him that are playing really solid rugby league.

“You need to be good when you play the Giants. Their defence is good and they’ve got players who can throw a bit at you as well.

“They’re playing confidently at the moment. We need to wear them down and get in that arm wrestle.”

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