Shaun Wane ready for Warrington challenge

Wigan coach Shaun Wane is hoping that his players can build on their excellent win over Leeds when they face Warrington at the DW Stadium on Thursday night.

The Wolves enjoyed a fine performance of their own in beating St Helens last Friday, and Wane knows that they will be full of confidence as well as quality.

“They’re a very good team, Warrington, they’ve got some good individuals,” he said.

“I’ve watched them over the last six games, and they have some really good quality about their attack, and they defend with some energy.

“We need to build on that performance and attitude that we showed against Leeds. If we do that, then we’ll really challenge Warrington.

“They’ve hit some form. They’ve been very much like us, they’ve been inconsistent.

“Ours is down to a lot of injuries that we had in the early part of the year, and the disruption for the start of the year.

“They’ve hit some form in the last few weeks. I think they’ve been fantastic. They’ve been really, really good.

“We need to step up again to make sure we stay with them this Thursday.”

Warrington will have an extra day’s rest for the game on Friday, having played Saints last Thursday.

Wane does not believe that the extra day will have an effect, as long as his team show sufficient desire.

“Your sports science people will tell you it makes a difference, but in our planning it doesn’t,” he added.

“If it means enough to your players, then if you ask them to play the day after they will do.

“It’s about finding enough desire that they want to win the game. I don’t buy into this extra day.

“It would have been nice both having the same days, but it’s not really panned out. If we want it enough, we will win the game.”

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