Serbia coach resigns

The Serbian Rugby League Federation (SRLF) have confirmed that coach Marko Jankovic has been removed from his post, following the brawl which his actions triggered during the international with Ireland in Belgrade on Saturday.

Jankovic was reported as punching one of the Ireland players who was about to score a try.

Around 15 minutes of the game was remaining, and Ireland were leading 26-14.

He has also been fined €1000

A statement from the SRLF reads:

“The Serbian Rugby League Federation deeply regrets the incident during Saturday’s match against Ireland that was caused by Serbia’s national team coach.

“After the unfortunately abandoned game, the SRLF Board held several urgent meetings assessing the situation. The main conclusion is that SRLF has accepted the immediate resignation of national team coach (Marko Jankovic), who is also suspended indefinitely from all positions in SRLF pending disciplinary procedure from the RLEF.

“He is also obligated to pay a €1000 fine that will be used for youth development, promoting fair play and also for a program against violence in sport.

“Furthermore, SRLF wants to distance its self in all possible ways from an individual act which is contrary the true spirit of rugby league.

“We are committed to taking all measures to prevent similar behavior of individuals in the future. As before this unfortunate incident, SRLF is determined to promote the good game of rugby league and its main values: fair play, sportsmanship, hard work, and respect.

“SRLF reassures the rugby league public that this was an isolated incident and that in future Serbian rugby league will be mentioned only in the context of its good results and further development of the sport in region.

“Even though this situation is a heavy blow to our organization, as a leader of rugby league in this part of the Continent; SRLF has an obligation to turn its attention to the upcoming crucial European Championship B game against Ukraine.”

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