Senior row rumbles on


The RFL have today issued a statement regarding Keith Senior, Crusaders RL and the RFL in response to the former Leeds players allegations mate on 7th February – (–s-crusaders-woe.html).


The statement reads:

The RFL is surprised and disappointed at the comments made by Keith Senior and his legal representative regarding the governing body’s role with the former Super League club Crusaders RL.

Mr Senior and his lawyer have once again made a series of unfounded and misguided allegations which, for all their repetition, continue to bear no relation to the reality of events.

Whilst it is understandable that Mr Senior is distressed at the circumstances of his personal arrangements with Crusaders RL, it is wholly wrong to try to implicate the RFL in what were private two-party discussions between himself and the club.

Throughout the existence of Crusaders RL, the RFL acted entirely appropriately in its capacity as the sport’s governing body, providing practical support and assistance to the club, including the funding for a Chief Executive Officer, the appointment of whom was entirely at the discretion of the club’s directors.

At no point did the RFL or its officers act as shadow directors to Crusaders RL, who were run as an independent concern by the club’s own directors. It was the same directors who had total responsibility for all matters relating to the running of the club, including player recruitment.

The RFL only became aware of Mr Senior’s various contractual arrangements with Crusaders RL when it held an official investigation in September/October 2011 which revealed that he had signed two contracts: a playing contract for a relatively modest amount and a second contract for a substantially greater value for ‘consultancy services’ payable to a company of which Mr Senior and his current partner are directors.

Any suggestions that the RFL has since offered Mr Senior alternative employment are entirely without foundation.

The timing of the latest comments from Mr Senior and his lawyer is also surprising: Mr Senior’s legal advisers have not been in contact with the RFL for over three months and have made no attempt to seek verification of the veracity of their client’s allegations.

The RFL has co-operated fully with the club’s liquidator and will continue to be completely transparent as to its role at Crusaders RL.