Scotland RL chairman hits out at RFL

Scotland chairman Keith Hogg has hit out at the RFL’s decision to withdraw all funding, and says the sport faces some very big challenges.

The funding cuts were revealed as the Scotland national team were being defeated by New Zealand in the World Cup quarter-finals, which brought to an end a fine tournament for Steve McCormack’s men.

The cuts have seen Scotland‘s two permanent staff, Mark and Susan Senter, made redundant and they have now left the organisation.

In a statement, Hogg said: “On behalf of everyone associated with rugby league in Scotland, I would like to thank Mark and Susan Senter for all the hard work that they put in on behalf of the sport in recent years. They have made a special contribution.

“The Board of Scotland Rugby League have been as surprised by these developments as anyone. We all understand that the RFL has had a significant funding cut and, having the best interests of the sport at heart, we want to help. However, the RFL has acted on it’s own, failed to consult us, failed to communicate, failed to properly think through the consequences of their actions and taken a decision which is not in the best interests of the sport in Scotland and the sport in general.”

Scotland RL will now work with all clubs, volunteers and partners including SportScotland to build on the momentum of their recent World Cup success and to keep growing the game in Scotland.

Hogg added: “Perhaps those in charge at the RFL should remind themselves that they are the Governing body of Rugby League in the UK, not just England.

“I hope that we can come to a sensible agreement for the future, that the RFL will find some funds to support Scotland, and that we will continue to work together to develop the sport.”

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