Scotland axe three players from World Cup squad

Scotland have released Danny Brough, Sam Brooks and Johnny Walker from their World Cup squad for misconduct.

The rest of the Scotland squad boarded a flight to Cairns for preparations for their last Group B game against Samoa but the aforementioned trio were forced to remain in Christchurch on Sunday.

Reports in Australia and New Zealand are claiming that they were too drunk to board a plane from Christchurch to Brisbane.

It has not been the tournament that Scotland would have dreamed of this autumn, with them suffering a 50-4 defeat to Tonga in the opening game and a 74-6 loss against New Zealand on Saturday evening.

The matter will not be investigated by the World Cup’s integrity unit, but the trio’s tournaments have been cut short after they were released by team management.

On the situation, Scotland Rugby League chairman Keith Hogg said: “We expect everyone involved in Scotland Rugby League to adhere to the highest standards of behaviour.

“We fully support the code of conduct that is in place for everyone who is involved in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup.

“We understand our responsibilities to the game and we must respect the sport and everyone who is involved in it at all times.

“Unfortunately, these three players have not adhered to those standards and those values and will be leaving early from the tournament that it is a privilege for us to be involved in.”

This would have been Brough’s last World Cup and he has been a mainstay in the Bravehearts outfit, with the 34-year-old earning his 23rd cap while captaining Scotland on Saturday against the Kiwis.

Brooks, 24, made his Scotland debut in 2014 while Walker, 26, has made eight international appearances since 2012.


  1. It was only a couple of months ago , I received my Scotland cap , because it was thought that the 2017 squad would meet the 1995 squad because we gave gave birth to Scotland Rugby League . I’m sorry to say this but you’ve let the whole administration , past and present players down and the nation

    • When you 3 sober up I hope that you realise what you have done to the good name of Rugby League , all Players & Staff . You were given the chance of a Lifetime to play for your Country in the World Cup & you blew it.You are Grown Men not 3 young Lads on a Booze up.

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