Have your say: Will England’s clash with New Zealand in Denver benefit or grow the sport?

It was confirmed earlier today that England will face New Zealand in Denver this year and we want to know if you think it will benefit or grow the sport.

The game will be held at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High stadium, which is home of NFL side and three-time Super Bowl winners Denver Broncos. The ground can hold over 76,000 spectators.

It will be the first time in 18 years that England have played a game in the USA since taking on the national side in Orlando in 2000.

England coach, Wayne Bennett, said: “We hear people talking about growing the game and this is the perfect opportunity to take two of the world’s elite nations over to a country that loves sport and entertainment.

“Denver will be a good fit for the game – they have popular American football, basketball, baseball, hockey and football sides, so it seems there’s a real appetite for sporting events and to experience something new in this city.”

RFL chief executive, Ralph Rimmer, added: “Successful World Cup tournaments and the entry of Toronto Wolfpack into the UK competition have increased the popularity of the international game and we are all keen to take advantage of this and grow our sport across the world.”

Some people have questioned the stadium choice on social media, with arguably the biggest football club in the world, Manchester United, attracting just 54,000 during a pre-season tour.

The promoters of the clash, Moore Sports International, have a big task on their hands!

Others have welcomed the idea and some have even looked into buying tickets already.

There were a couple of eyebrows raised as to why it wasn’t played in Canada, home of Toronto Wolfpack, to try and boost Rugby League further in the sports mad city.

And if the England players weren’t already doing their absolute best on-field for their club sides, they certainly will now, with the chance to spend a week or two in America… 

What are your thoughts on the mid-season Test being held in Denver? Will it benefit or grow the sport? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. It’s non RFL, NRL SL people in charge of the promotion so it’s already got a big up on other initiatives. Moore Sports will be looking to get as much exposure from this so they can keep growing the interest for the WC in 2025 that they are in charge of as well. Not sure how this could be seen as anything but a positive step for the game.

  2. 76000 capacity stadium, good luck with that, if there are only a handful of spectators there it will ridicule the sport not grow it. The marketing department at the RFL and Moore Sports will have to get their collective fingers out, if the RFL’s past record is anything to go by then prepare to be embarrassed..

    • Moore Sports has guaranteed funds for the teams to come plays so it’s in their best interest to market this to it’s full potential. Not going to post flyers around Colorado the night before the game RFL style, going to use proper marketing…foreign concept to the sport is seems so i understand your reservations.

  3. It excites me and worries me at the same time. It is a positive step and must be applauded, great exposure for our great game. Rewards too for all the folk in North America who are working hard & trying to expand the game there. The worry, is with previous form of, a paltry crowd rattling about in a MASSIVE stadium. I’d settle for that 54.000. However, that’s for the promoters to concern themselves with, I cross my fingers and wish them well. Could mr Hearn help? ?
    I think these steps have to be taken to expand our game. Nothing ventured etc!. Would of liked Toronto to get a fixture.

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