Sam Burgess saves man’s life at fish market

South Sydney star Sam Burgess has saved a man from choking to death at a fish market, according to reports in Australia.

The Souths players were reportedly taking part in a fish-eating challenge at the Sydney Fish Market in the suburb of Pyrmont, when an employee started to choke.

An eye-witness related how events unfolded.

“The Souths boys were at work doing a fish-eating challenge and then one of the managers got involved,” the witness told Fox Sports.

“They were eating and some seafood got caught in his throat and he started choking. Sam raced straight over and grabbed him and started putting his body weight on him to try and get it out.

“He was helping him for about 30 to 40 seconds and instead of spitting it out he ended up swallowing it, but if Sam hadn’t have helped it could have been bad.

“I’m telling you Sam is a hero.

“He saved his life. Another 30 seconds and it could have gone either way.

“All the guys were amazing. Taking photos with people. Michael Maguire was great and I’m a Manly fan but it’s important people know what a great thing Sam did.”

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