Rugby League goes Dutch

The Rugby League European Federation has welcomed the Netherlands back into the fold.

A new board in the county committed to furthering the sport, has applied to be the acknowledged governing body and, following a meeting with RLEF Executive & Development Officer Kevin Rudd, have been granted formal recognition with the granting of Official Observer status.

Having had discussions with newly appointed NRL chairman Jason Bruygoms in Rotterdam, Rudd said that he was delighted that the sport would formally return to the country that kicked off the qualifiers in Europe for the last World Cup.

“I am really pleased we have a new board in the Netherlands which wants to continue and expand the sport within their country” he said.

“The new body are taking positive steps to move the code forward there and act in the best interests of the sport and I look forward to supporting and working with them.”

The NRL representatives have been invited to attend the next RLEF Official Observers meeting which will take place around the Carnegie Challenge Cup Final weekend in London at the end of August.

Jason Bruygoms commented: “The Nederlands Rugby League Board is honoured to be affiliated with the Rugby League European Federation and it is now our goal to get the game back on the agenda of Nederland summer sports.”

“We intend to build awareness of the code and become a competitive country within the expanding European Rugby League scene. There are exciting times ahead.”

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