Rochdale launch Masters RL team

Rochdale Hornets are looking for players of all ages and abilities, though mainly older players, for their new Masters RL team.

As well as local residents, the club is hoping that some former Rochdale players will also participate.

The team is open to anyone in the Rochdale area who is eligible.

Masters is aimed at players over 35 years of age, and operates under specially modified rules, with players subject to different tackling regulations dependig on their age and the colour shorts that they wear.

Alan Kilshaw, who combines a role as Hornets head coach with a position as the Rochdale Hornets Sporting Foundation Community Manager, recently discussed the project with club chairman Mark Wynn, ex-players Chris Churm and Emon Ratu, and volunteer community coach and ex Mayfield player Marvin Connely.

“Masters Rugby League is a great concept and having met with Chris, Emon, Mark and Marvin we all believe there is a lot of potential in Rochdale for a successful masters group,” commented Kilshaw.

“I believe the benefits of masters are very important for over 35’s, and with physical and mental health high on our agenda it keeps the players active but also connected to the game and to continue as part of a team.

“We want the Rochdale Masters group to become a strong group and active with regular meet ups and training sessions.

“We understand the day to day constraints and priorities with work and family life, but with masters training and events we can strike a good balance for the masters players.

“We want to contribute to physical and mental well-being and a lot of laughs and enjoyment along the way.”

Those interested in taking part are invited down to the Soccer Factory in Rochdale for an hour session between 7pm and 8pm, on January 9.

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