Robbie Farah set to be honoured in Lebanon

Lebanon captain Robbie Farah has been invited by the Lebanese government to attend a conference in Beirut, recognising and celebrating his achievements among Lebanese Diaspora around the world.

Farah flew out to Lebanon this week to speak at the conference which sees 2,000 leaders of Lebanese origins from a range of fields in business, government, international organisations, civil society, academia, media, arts and sport, gather in Beirut for the Lebanese Diaspora Energy annual meeting.

The theme of this year’s conference in ‘creating our share future at home and abroad’. Farah will take part in the Diaspora and the Universal Language of Sports section of the conference.

The panel serves a platform to pay tribute to Lebanese and Diaspora champions and will help promote Lebanon’s sports sector on an international basis.

Farah will be honoured at the conference for his achievements around the world and raising the name of Lebanon in Australia.

Rabbitohs general manager of football, Shane Richardson, said: “This is a fantastic honour and opportunity for Robbie and we are happy to support him in attending this conference which is very important to him.

“Everyone saw how proud he was to lead Lebanon at the recent Rugby League World Cup and to be recognised as one of Lebanon’s leading sportspeople around the globe is a tribute to the efforts Robbie has put in over his career.

“It’s a great opportunity for him to help give Rugby League a broader platform in his home nation and for him to meet influential people in government and business in Lebanon. He was invited by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President of the Republic of Lebanon, General Michel Aoun, so it cannot be understated how good an opportunity this is for him.

“He brought this opportunity to us a few weeks ago and we’re more than happy to support him in attending.”

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