RL Cares establishes hardship fund for Toronto Wolfpack players

Rugby League Cares has helped create a special fund to support Toronto Wolfpack players who are suffering hardship caused by the club’s collapse.

The hardship fund will be administered by the independent charity RL Cares, who will award grants to help players deal with their most pressing financial difficulties.

A number of the Toronto players have not been paid since May and some are enduring severe financial hardship which is impacting on both their family life and health.

Head of RL Cares Chris Rostron said: “Due to circumstances entirely out of their control, many of the Toronto players are now finding it difficult to pay their bills.

“Some of them were on very modest salaries: six months without pay and no access to the UK Government furlough scheme has been incredibly tough.

“We have been providing practical support to the players over recent months, including debt management advice and access to counselling services.

“Our welfare team has spent the last 10 days working with the players to identify those who are suffering most hardship: thanks to the support of the RFL and Super League we are now in a position to begin making payments to those in most need.”

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  1. And the SL clubs have put , exactly what in?
    They created this mess and this subsequent farce of get a team any team.
    The brewery scenario comes to mind, especially if you add the Covid match cancellations.

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