RFL confirms Great Britain could still tour in future

The RFL have confirmed that a Great Britain Lions tour is still on the agenda, as it looks to implement an international schedule for the next decade.

A Great Britain and Ireland team last took to the field against New Zealand in 2007.

The famous red and blue vee of the GB jersey was meant to come out of mothballs in 2015 for an Australian tour.

That plan never materialised, however, and England will host a three-match series against New Zealand in 2015 instead.

But a revival of the GB team remains a priority, according to a statement on the RFL’s Twitter account.

“Our aim remains to revive Great Britain for a Lions tour to the southern hemisphere as part of a 10-year intern’l calendar,” read a tweet, responding to a question as to whether the team could have been revived for the series against New Zealand in 2015.

It was also confirmed that the RFL stil regards an Ashes series between Great Britain or England and Australia as a massive part of international rugby league.

“The importance of the Ashes is not lost on anyone, including the RLIF Chairman who is working with all nations,” another tweet stated.

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