RFL chasing former Bulls owner for Sky money

The RFL are pursuing former Bradford Bulls owner Omar Khan for the repayment of £905,000, according to the Bradford Telegraph and Argus.

Super League (Europe) Ltd, via the RFL, has repotedly lodged the claim with the administrators of OK Bulls Ltd, the now former holding company of the club, which was recently taking over by Marc Green.

Blake Solly, the RFL’s director of standards and licensing, said the figure was money from Sky for playing in the Super League. Mr Khan has, however, contested the figure, including an initial rebuttal that the number is at the very least £205,000 too much.

Solly said: “When Omar Khan decided to take on the club and sought to have the club playing Super League for the 2013/14 season, he and the company guaranteed any distribution money that they would receive in that time.

“Whatever Super League (Europe) Ltd paid across, if there was an insolvency in the 2013/14 season he would pay it back.”

To read the full report, click here.

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