Revealed: The top 40 most watched matches on Sky Sports in 2019

The most viewed matches on Sky Sports this season have featured either St Helens or Wigan, figures show.

Their derby on Friday wasn’t televised, the first time a meeting between the two has not been broadcast live for more than two decades.

The opening day meeting at the Totally Wicked Stadium, which kicked off the Super League season on Thursday January 31, attracted the biggest viewing figure of the year, 181,079 across all Sky platforms.

That put the match sixth across all Sky Sports channels in that week, behind three live Premier League football matches, a Championship football match involving Leeds and Gillette Soccer Special on the Tuesday night.

The top seven viewed games of the season all feature either Saints or Wigan, with Hull’s meeting with Castleford the highest viewed game without either of those two sides.

Wigan’s World Club Challenge match with Sydney Roosters attracted more than 200,000 viewers across the Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Arena channels.

Figures take in to consideration views live on TV and via Sky’s streaming platforms, including laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Only figures for the top 15 shows on Sky Sports weekly are available, which means some matches may not have been listed.

That may mean that matches that were broadcast simultaneously across two channels, such as Main Event and Arena, had more views than what is listed.

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Interestingly, Sunday evening matches perform well, with the second most-watched game the Magic Weekend clash between Saints and Castleford.

The Championship Summer Bash clash between Leigh and Widnes, also on a Sunday evening, attracted 86,858 views, the most-watched Championship game of the season, and 33rd overall.

The only Toronto match to feature in the rankings was their recent trip to Batley, which attracted 58,606 views.

Average views on each day are largely the same, with Friday the most popular – 103,176. Thursday and Saturday are next, with very little to choose between their figures around the 100,620 mark, and Sundays coming in at 97,610.

There are many variables to live viewing figures, such as other events on TV at the same time and also other live rugby league matches being played.

Top 40 Sky Sports matches

Source: BARB / figures from the top 15 watched shows across Sky Sports each week, those outside not included / covers views on live TV and streaming devices (laptops, tablets, mobile) / includes games up to end of June 2019


Day Date Comp Match Views
Thursday 31st Jan SL St Helens v Wigan 181,079
Sunday 26th May MW St Helens v Castleford 156,137
Saturday 25th May MW Wigan v Warrington 152,308
Thursday 28th Feb SL Salford v St Helens 149,350
Saturday 27th Apr SL Wigan v Castleford 141,351
Friday 15th Mar SL Warrington v Wigan 140,156
Friday 22nd Mar SL Castleford v St Helens 139,816
Thursday 7th Feb SL Hull v Castleford 128,003
Friday 22nd Feb SL St Helens v Leeds 126,181
Friday 14th June SL Leeds v Wigan 126,012
Friday 31st May CC Hull KR v Warrington 123,428
Friday 8th Feb SL Wigan v Leeds 119,371
Thursday 21st Mar SL Wakefield v Warrington 116,139
Saturday 23rd Mar SL Catalans v Leeds 115,190
Thursday 7th Mar SL Warrington v Castleford 112,124
Sunday 12th May CC Huddersfield v St Helens 109,700
Thursday 28th Mar SL Leeds v Castleford 105,000
Thursday 13th June SL Castleford v Hull 102,598
Friday 19th Apr SL Hull v Hull KR 102,313
Saturday 9th Feb SL Catalans v Huddersfield 98,512
Sunday 26th May MW Leeds v London 97,660
Friday 19th Apr SL Wigan v St Helens 97,500
Saturday 25th May MW Hull v Huddersfield 96,280
Friday 1st Mar SL Leeds v Wakefield 93,866
Friday 21st June SL St Helens v Leeds 93,276
Thursday 4th Apr SL Hull KR v Leeds 93,270
Thursday 14th Mar SL Huddersfield v St Helens 92,961
Thursday 30th May CC Hull v Catalans 92,957
Friday 17th May SL St Helens v Salford 90,558
Friday 1st Feb SL Hull KR v Hull FC 90,300
Thursday 18th Apr SL Castleford v Wakefield 87,795
Friday 10th May CC Hull v Castleford 87,435
Sunday 19th May CH Leigh v Widnes 86,858
Friday 5th Apr SL Castleford v Wigan 85,380
Saturday 2nd Mar SL Catalans v Warrington 81,200
Friday 8th Mar SL Wigan v Huddersfield 81,014
Friday 3rd May SL Castleford v Warrington 80,600
Thursday 20th June SL London v Hull KR 79,121
Friday 29th Mar SL Hull v Warrington 76,800
Sunday 26th May MW Salford v Hull KR 76,500

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