Radford: Sneyd and Kelly will get better

Hull FC coach Lee Radford says the combination between Albert Kelly and Marc Sneyd is only going to improve as the season continues on.

The two halves scored five tries between them in the Black and Whites’ 48-8 smashing of Huddersfield.

Kelly and Sneyd have only combined in the halves twice in Super League.

It was the second time Kelly and Sneyd linked up this evening as the former was suspended last time out.

“It will get better and better (the partnership between Sneyd and Kelly),” Radford said.

“Hopefully it will be at its peak comes the Super 8s and the major games come quick and fast so we’ve got to show improvements each and every week and ultimately that’s what we will be striving for in our next game against St Helens at home.”

Hull FC ran in eight tries against the Giants.

“I’m pleased with the scoreline,” Radford said.

“When their team came through, as a coach there’s always that worry in the back of your mind going into the game you’re going to take one or two things for granted with the players they had missing but we didn’t do that.

“The first 40 minutes, I thought we were really disciplined in how we approached it and the result of that is we come in 24-0 up at half-time and we got what we wanted to achieve out of the game.

“The defensive performance last week was outstanding, but we needed to improve with the ball and we made some strides towards that tonight.

“This time of year is about getting a bit of flow and momentum and fluency and we saw massive improvements in that and I’m sure next week you’ll see that improvement again.”


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