Powell: Leeds gave us a tough game

Castleford boss Daryl Powell admitted Leeds gave his team a run for their money at Magic Weekend on Sunday.

With the scores tied at 6-6 after a hard fought opening 40 minutes, the Tigers burst into life after the break to seal a 29-18 victory.

Greg Eden’s second-half hat-trick swung the game in Castleford’s favour, but Powell acknowledged that the Rhinos had pushed them all the way.

“I thought it was a great game for us,” said Powell. “The boys were quiet at half-time, you can see when players are in a really difficult game because they’re quiet at half-time and they’re just trying to collect their thoughts. We just needed a bit more composure.

“Overall it was perfect game for us, being really challenged and having to dig our way out of a really tough game but still being able to play the way we want to.

“It just took us a while to get there and I thought we adjusted really well. The whole of the 17 played really well.”

“Leeds are a proud club and team, and they came after us and really made us work for what we got out of the game – it was a tough game.”

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