Play-Offs Could Make Anyone A Fan


I've watched the Super League play offs over the last two weeks and I can safely say that, with the exception of one game, that they were all thoroughly entertaining and could make most people into Rugby League fans.

Take the first game of the Super League play offs – Leeds 17-18 Warrington. This game had everything. Drop goals, skills, errors, sheer brillant effort and to wrap it all of a shock exit for Leeds. What a magnificent game! The St Helens – Hull and Bradford – Warrington game showed the same passion.

Some of my mates who are football fans tell me there is always more passion in football than in Rugby League. You watch games like those three and I can just laugh in their faces.

Now I’m going to switch to the topic of International Rugby. People are always on about expanding the game in countries which have never heard of Rugby League and I’m all for that but I feel Rugby League should be focusing on helping countries like Georgia, Serbia, Japan and USA get more knowledge of Rugby so they can spread the words to countries like Sweden and Norway.

I think we should use fairly developed countries knowledge of rugby league so they could pass the message on to other countries. Like France to Spain and Germany. For Rugby League to be as Successful as Rugby Union in the international sense we need to help fairly developed countries with some Rugby League knowledge.