Plans for second Brisbane team scrapped

The NRL has announced that they have no plans to explan to include a second team in Brisbane in the forseeable future.

The Brisbane Bombers have been bidding to join the NRL for several years.

Bid chairman Craig Davison said: “Our team has worked incredibly hard over the last six years for NRL inclusion to present an opportunity for supporters in the Rugby League capital to get behind.

“More than half of the Rugby League population in Brisbane don’t support the Broncos and our fan base has swelled since 2010.

“This announcement does not change the fact that the commercial consensus is the need for another team in Brisbane.

“Brisbane fans deserves Rugby League every weekend – particularly Sunday afternoon football.

“We haven’t had a game in daylight here for two years and as a Rugby League family, we’re limiting our reach to fans and the wider market.

“As we have observed many times, Rugby League fans only get 12 opportunities a year to watch live NRL – as many as Melbourne and a fraction of Sydney’s 108 games per year.”

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