Pearson backs Radford but slams Hull players

Hull FC owner Adam Pearson has issued a stern warning to the players at the club, slamming their recent performance in the defeat to Wakefield.

He has also backed coach Lee Radford, who he asserts is doing his very best to improve things.

“If the players don’t perform, ultimately they won’t play at the club,” Pearson told SLTV.

“Some of them have got good contracts, some have got long contracts.

“But most haven’t and, if we don’t see an improvement, then obviously the squad has to change. The coach is working incredibly hard to put that right.

“I didn’t hear anybody calling for his head when we won eight out of 10.

“We’ve had a tricky run of games, with two against Leeds and one against Catalans Dragons away, and you’d accept you’re not going to win all those all the time.

“But we needed to win that match at Wakefield and we didn’t and questions are being asked but not of Lee, they’re being asked of myself and by myself and of the players and I need to see a response from the players this weekend.”

Pearson has urged the players to make sure that they return to form this weekend, when the Airlie Birds play Wakefield again, at home this time, on Sunday.

“What went on on Wednesday night is not acceptable,” he said.

“We’ve got to be wining those games to compete. We’re not happy at all about that performance and we need to bounce back this weekend.

“The players that we’ve got on the roster should be pushing for top four and they need to improve for the weekend, that is for sure.”

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