Oxford & Cambridge name Varsity squads

The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge have selected their squads for this Friday’s Pcubed Rugby League Varsity Match.

The game takes place this Friday at the Honourable Artillery Company in the City of London.

The game is preceded by a lunch with guest of honour Jamie Peacock MBE.


Conor Williets, Matthew Brady, Harry Sturgess, Will Taverner, Joseph Cullen, Mark Roper, Jordan Ayling, Sven Kerneis, Zachary Keane, Joseph Mash, Marco Hiscox, Daniel Smith, J. Langmead-Jones, Reilly Knight, Michal Woyton, William Henshall, Nick Dodds, Robert Bartlett, Angus McCance


Craig Winfield, Sandy McCleery, Miles Huppatz, Ryan McDonnell, Sam Parker, Thomas Davidson, Jack Fernon, Ned Bransden, Sam-Henry Pressling, Tom Wilson, Henry Biddlecombe, Callum Slatter, Jack Bowskill, Hamish Oliphant,
Andrew Camsell, Owen Male, Hilliary Foord, Elliot Pulver Clare

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