New Zealand reveal ‘wider’ World Cup squad and notable players list

Drew Darbyshire
Zane Tetevano in action for New Zealand

Zane Tetevano in action for New Zealand

New Zealand have released a ‘wider’ World Cup squad as well as a notable players list ahead of the tournament taking place next autumn.

The Kiwis, along with holders Australia, initially pulled out of participating in the World Cup in England this year due to Covid-19 concerns. The tournament was subsequently postponed until autumn next year.

New Zealand coach Michael Maguire has now revealed a ‘wider’ squad of 38 players, with the notable player list including 62 players. Of the 100 players selected, Zane Tetevano of Leeds is the only Super League player listed.

Danny Levi, who will move to Huddersfield for 2022, has also been named in the notable players list.

Danny Levi in action for the Brisbane Broncos

Danny Levi will move to Huddersfield for next season

The Kiwis are set to play a Pacific test and Trans-Tasman test in June as part of their World Cup preparations.

New Zealand’s World Cup wider squad

Josh Aloiai, Nelson Asofa-Solomona, Jesse Bromwich, Kenny Bromwich, Dylan Brown, Erin Clark, James Fisher-Harris, Kieran Foran, Braden Hamlin-Uele, Corey Harawira-Naera, Morgan Harper, Tohu Harris, Chanel Harris-Tavita, Peta Hiku, Jahrome Hughes, Jamayne Isaako, Shaun Johnson, Isaac Liu, Joseph Manu, Jeremy Marshall-King, Ken Maumalo, Ronaldo Mulitalo, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, Briton Nikora, Kodi Nikorima, Marata Niukore, Isaiah Papali’i, Kevin Proctor, Jordan Rapana, Jordan Riki, Josh Schuster, Bailey Simonsson, Brandon Smith, Reimis Smith, Joseph Tapine, Jazz Tevaga, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Dallin Watene-Zelezniak.

On the wider squad, Maguire said: “We have listed this wider squad, so players are aware that the upcoming preseason and following season creates an enormous opportunity for them and this Kiwis team.

“International football has been a challenge. But the player’s enthusiasm to represent their country is as strong as ever; there’s no question as to how much this jersey means to them, and their eagerness to play has never wavered. The senior players set a strong foundation and have their eyes focused on the 2022 World Cup.”

Kiwi eligible/notable players list

Brad Abbey, Caleb Aekins, Bunty Afoa, Tom Ale, Jesse Arthars, Daejarn Asi, Rocco Berry, Shawn Blore, Cassisus Cowley, Haze Dunster, Herman Ese’ese, Raymond Faitala-Mariner, Jackson Ferris, Wiremu Greig, Lani Graham-Taufa, Moala Graham-Taufa, Patrick Herbert, Mawene Hiroti, Peter Hola, Hymel Hunt, Isaiya Katoa, Sione Katoa, Oregon Kaufusi, Asu Kepaoa, Kina Kepu, Lingi Kepu, Sebastian Kris, Spencer Leniu, Moses Leota, Danny Levi, Sam Lisone, Christian Ma’anaima, Esan Marsters, Steven Marsters, Greg Marzhew, Isaac Matalavea-Booth, Sione Moala, Jeremiah Nanai, Griffin Neame, Taniela Otukolo, Jaxson Paulo, Hayze Perham, Emry Pere, Adam Pompey, Nathaniel Roache, TC Robati, Simi Sasagi, Tuki Simpkins, Toafofoa Sipley, Siosifa Talakai, Murray Taulagi, Tukupa-Ke Hau Tapuha, Zane Tetevano, Matthew Timoko, Starford Toa, Jackson Topine, Christian Tuipulotu, Paul Turner, Christopher Veaila, Naufahu Whyte, Jack Williamms, Xavier Willison.

On the notable players list, Maguire added: “With the football that our younger players have played, we have created a list of players that, with a little more experience, could be the future of this team.

“I am sure we will unearth some new Kiwi talent in the next 12 months, and we may even uncover more current names not listed. Nevertheless, this depth is encouraging.

“This year, we have watched many New Zealand players have their best seasons yet. Now with that experience, coupled with the new generation of talent coming through – it is an exciting time to be a Kiwi.”