Morley: Cup final is new start for Wolves

Warrington forward Adrian Morley believes the Wolves’ Challenge Cup appearance may be the start of a new era of success for the club.
The Wolves’ appearance at Wembley is their first cup final since 1990.

Meanwhile, Huddersfield Giants coach Nathan Brown has said he is “privileged” to be a part of the Challenge Cup final.

Morley, who joined the Wolves after his return from Sydney Roosters, has ambitions for the club, saying: “I picked Warrington as a club because I thought they had great aspirations,”

“It has been too long between finals. Nineteen years was the last time. It is too long for a rugby town like Warrington but we don’t just want to make the final. We are going out there to win it.

“Wigan won it for so long and no-one else could get a look-in and then you’ve got your so-called big four with Leeds, Bradford, Wigan and St Helens.

“Warrington have been a little bit behind them but Simon Moran has recruited very well and everything is in place now.

“We’ve done well enough to make it and now we have I can see us making a lot more in the coming years.”

Giants boss Brown, who played alongside Wolves coach Tony Smith at St George, believes that the Challenge Cup final is a special occasion.

“From an Australian perspective it’s another cup final, until you speak with all the English people and realise what it means to them,” he said.

“It seems to be everybody’s dream among sporting people just to come here and play. When you realise what it means to people, you feel privileged to be here.”

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