Melbourne learn from Manchester City visit

Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy has been inspired by a recent visit to Premier League soccer giants Manchester City.

Bellamy and Storm’s football manager Frank Ponissi have now returned to Australia after a two-week study tour in Europe.

During their time in Europe, they were extended an access-all-areas pass at City, to observe close-hand how the club worked.

“For a club that is so high profile, they were very humble and down to earth,” Bellamy told reporters Down Under.

“We learnt a whole lot from them. There were some things that are certainly out of our financial reach, but they’ve got a lot of traditional values as well.

“It was really enlightening for us and we got some terrific information as well.

“They were very long days but also very productive days. We spoke to nearly every department and they had presentations already set up for us.”

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