McDermott wants on-report system made redundant

Leeds coach Brian McDermott wants to make the on-report system redundant.

Kevin Sinfield was placed on report by referee Steve Ganson after appearing to commit a high tackle on St Helens’ Tommy Makinson.

The tackle left Makinson lying on the floor for several minutes while he was seen to by medical staff. 

However McDermott has questioned the use of the on-report system.

He said: “I think that report is a cop out. It’s not needed anymore as we have a match review panel, so if the officials make a decision or not it doesn’t matter.

“It was a tackle where Kev’s hand inadvertently clocked him around his head, and that is potentially dangerous.

The question is for the officials is, was there intention from Kev, and I didn’t think so. His arm doesn’t go above Kev’s own shoulder so I don’t have too much of a grievance with that.”

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