Marwan Koukash makes great gesture to Salford due to money crisis

Drew Darbyshire

Marwan Koukash has offered to write off the entire debt Salford owe him on condition that the club become self-financing over the next 18 months.

Koukash left the Red Devils last autumn and gave ownership of the club to the community.

The Salford club have now admitted that they have very little funds to play with in terms of recruitment and retention, with club director and holding company member Andrew Rosler revealing that their financial position is ‘still uncertain’.

But as an incentive to get the entire Salford community, former owner Koukash has offered to write off the entire debut owed to him, but the amount has not been revealed.

The Red Devils state Koukash has not asked for any payment since his departure last year, but the offer is only on condition of the club becoming self-sufficient over the next 18 months.

Rosler said: “I think Marwan felt that having gifted his shares, the local Community would vote with their feet to demonstrate just how important the club is to the city.

“He has been disappointed with the declining attendances and felt that the demand just wasn’t there.

“However he has now bought in to what we are trying to do and can see that the fans can shape the fortunes of the club directly.

“It is an amazing gesture to write off such a large amount of debt but he is testing the fans and the whole community to do its bit and prove him wrong.”

The Red Devils are set to start selling half season ticket for the remainder of the season. Koukash has made another kind gesture in offering to match all half season ticket proceeds.